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the problem:

I have too many pairs of shoes but no more shelf space to store them.

the solution:

Don't stop your financially crippling addiction of shoe shopping just because you have no more storage space. Don't be like that idiot Steve who wears the same pair of disgusting shoes every day. These foldable shoes lets you carry around different pairs easily so you can change styles throughout the day like the superstar you are.

Timberland Foldable Shoes

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Timberland Foldable Shoes


Whether you're out backpacking, car camping or just sitting around the backyard firepit, your feet will truly appreciate our packable, water-repellent Timberland Radler Trail Camp. This unisex lightweight shoe zips completely into itself, so they won't take up much space in your pack, and as they're fleece-lined for comfort and feature 42% recycled rubber lug outsoles for superior traction in the woods, you can comfortably venture out to collect more firewood or grab another marshmallow with the Timberland Radler Trail Camp.