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the problem:

My anxiety medication doesn't work for my dog.

the solution:

Does your dog poo on the floor and then eat it whenever something scares him/her? No? Then how about shake and shiver uncontrollably and then hide in the bushes? Yeah? Then you need the Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment Wrap. Anxiety sucks, for humans and dogs. This shirt helps relieve fear, anxiety, and stress with a high success rate.

Dog Anxiety Treatment Wrap

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Dog Anxiety Treatment Wrap


Anxiety, fear, stress, and over-excitement are surprisingly common problems for millions of dogs in the United States. The Thundershirt anti-anxiety wrap has helped tens of thousands of dogs around the country reduce their suffering from these issues.

How it Works

The Thundershirt wrap works by applying constant, gentle pressure to the animal’s torso. This has a significant calming effect for most dogs.

What it Treats

The anti-anxiety wrap is designed to address common problems including fear of thunder and fireworks, separation anxiety and generalized anxiety, problem barking and jumping, travel stress, and more.

High Success Rate

The wrap offers a success rate of more than 80% -- dramatically reducing stress and anxiety for most dogs.

Vet and Trainer Recommended

Thundershirts are embraced by professionals; thousands of veterinarians and dog trainers recommend Thundershirt to their clients.

Create Stronger Bonds

Dog anxiety can bring a pet owner’s relationship with their dog to the breaking point – some owners may think the only option is to forfeit their pet to a shelter. Thundershirt offers a better solution. By putting dogs at ease, Thundershirt provides the opportunity for dog owners to strengthen their bond with their pets.

Easy to Use

The Thundershirt is simple to put on and take off and is fully adjustable to fit dogs of most shapes and sizes. It’s easy to create a snug, comfortable fit which is the key to treating stress and anxiety.

Attractive and Durable

Thundershirts are made of attractive, durable fabric that resists collecting hair and is machine washable.

Thundershirt Cares

As part of their mission to reduce dog stress and anxiety, Thundershirt assists shelters and rescue groups across the country through financial support and donations of thousands of Thundershirt anxiety wraps.