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the problem:

I messed up my shaving my goatee and now I have a Hitler mustache. Worse is I think it looks pretty good on me.

the solution:

The Hitler mustache may have bee inadvertent, but it doesn't help that you're goose stepping all around town at the same time. Avoid acquiring a taste for distasteful things by using this goatee shaving device. Just stick it in your mouth and have the perfect goatee in seconds.

Goatee Shaving Template

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Goatee Shaving Template


1) Creates the Perfect Goatee. 2) Cuts Goatee Grooming Time. 3) Adjustable for Any Size Face. 4) Easy Adjustable Turnbuckles. 5) Food Grade, Soft Grip Mouthpiece. Would you like to shave your goatee quickly and evenly every morning? The GoateeSaver is an easily adjustable goatee shaving template that will revolutionize the way you shave and trim your goatee. The GoateeSaver can be customized to your face in seconds, with three easy adjustments. Just place the GoateeSaver over your goatee and shave with your favorite razor to get the perfect look that women will admire and men will respect. Note: Razor not included.
  • A shaving template designed to shape and form your goatee.
  • Saves time by allowing precise shaving of your desired goatee shape every day.
  • Creates & maintains a perfectly shaped goatee.
  • Eliminates crooked goatees and those occasional shaving mishaps.
  • The template is adjustable to fit most size faces and goatee styles.