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the problem:

I forgot to bring my bottled water to the gym and have to drink out of the fountain like a barbarian.

the solution:

Our first world bodies are delicate. Tap water with dirty little germs and microbes can make us sick (totally untrue). Save money and ditch bottled water and go with the Bobble Water Bottle. Fill it with tap water and the filter eliminates toxins and harmful chemicals as you drink. The filter lasts about 2 months and is replaceable.

Bobble Filtered Water Bottle

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Bobble Filtered Water Bottle


Ready to break your plastic water bottle habit but not quite sold on straight municipal tap? Filter your own bottled water with the patented Bobble Water Bottle. An active carbon filter eliminates toxins and harmful chemicals such as chlorine and other organic contaminants from the water as you sip. The filter itself lasts for about two months, or at least 300 fills, and is both replaceable and recyclable through the Bobble Recycling Program. What's more, the bottle is made entirely of recycled FDA-approved PET that is free of BPA, PVC, and Phthalates and is 100 percent recyclable in most areas.BPA-free and made of recycled materials, the Bobble removes chlorine and other organic contaminants from your drinking water. The Bobble uses active carbon filter technology to remove unwanted contaminants from your drinking water so it meets the standards of NSF International Standard 42, the standard that governs the quality of public and private drinking water. How it works is simple, really: as you sip, the water passes over the carbon filter where the negative ions of the contaminants are drawn to, and captured by, carbon granules. The result? Filtered water free of chlorine and other common organic contaminants--with no resulting plastic water bottle waste.