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the problem:

I forgot to place my bookmark so now I have to start Atlas Shrugged from the beginning.

the solution:

If someone said they'd reinvented the wheel, you'd call him crazy. If someone said they'd reinvented the bookmark, you'd burn them at the stake for witchcraft. Then you'd feel real guilty cause the Albatross Bookmark is worthy of the title. It follows your reading so you don't have to remember page numbers.

Albatross Bookmarks

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Albatross Bookmarks


What is the Albatros bookmark?

 The Albatros is a new kind of bookmark that follows your reading. No need to remember the page number, each time you turn one, it inserts itself at the right place. The Albatros bookmarks have been invented and developed by Oscar Lhermitte and are made in France. 

What makes the Albatros bookmarks so cool?

See it this way: the Albatros bookmark enables you to forget about bookmarks.Once you’ve placed it in your book, it will take care of the rest. If you are reading a novel and suddenly have to rush to catch the bus, simply drop the book in your bag; you will find the Albatros at the page you stopped last. 

How does it work?

 The Albatros bookmark consists of a thin piece of polyester that is inserted in the book; thanks to its structure and shape, every time you turn a page, the bookmark follows it. Placing the bookmark in a book is done in the blink of an eye. Its repositionable adhesive allows it to last a long time without damaging any pages. Once you have finished reading the book, leave the bookmark in place for the next reader, or simply discard it. It works on any book, pocketbook, sketchbook, diary, of any format. Only books over 700 pages tend to be a bit tricky.