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the problem:

Sometimes I daydream about being James Bond and having all his cool gadgets.

the solution:

Step 1 to becoming a super spy: get WiFi hotspot capable cufflinks with 2GB USB storage so you can check Facebook wherever you are. Step 2: there is no step two because you're now a man with WiFi with storage cufflinks. Now get ready to go kick some ass and get some international model babes.

WiFi and 2GB USB Cufflinks

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WiFi and 2GB USB Cufflinks


Polished Silver Oval WIFI and 2GB USB Combination Cufflinks. These cufflinks feature 2GB USB storage plus they provide a WiFi hotspot to multiple devices! You can also access media servers from the host computer. Perfect for business meetings, travel and techies everywhere.WiFi Connection After downloading the accompanying software, pop the USB hotspot into your computer. The cufflinks turn into a high-speed WiFi hotspot!What Connects? Smart phones, iPads or any other wireless device!