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the problem:

My laptop screen is too small to play Starcraft and watch Jersey Shore at the same time.

the solution:

That sounds like a real situation you got right there. Fortunately, the creators of the Spacebook Dual 17inch LCD Laptop had you in mind when they were building it. Now, imagine showing up in a Starbucks with this badass and playing Microsoft Pinball while the hipsters rage on their 9in Macbook Pros.

Spacebook Dual 17″ LED Laptop

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Spacebook Dual 17″ LED Laptop


The gScreen SpaceBook is the world's first dual 17-inch HD Display laptop with two identical 17-inch screens and HD1080 resolution of 1920 x 1080. This mobile workstation will help you get more work done and double your pleasure with dual 17-inch screens. Who's it for you ask? CAD/CAM and Desktop Engineers, Film, Video, Photo and Audio Editors, Graghics & web designers, Game & Software Developers, Day Traders, Accounts & Auditors, Doctors, Radiologist, Scientist, Military, Security, Business Power Users and anyone else who wants to get up to 50% more done, on a mobile workstation while using about 25% of the power of a typical desktop computer with one screen. The SpaceBook is the ultimate content creation and content consumption device in a new mobile form factor.