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the problem:

My friend had a chocolate fountain for the Super Bowl party this year. I'm hosting it next year and there's no way I can beat a chocolate fountain.

the solution:

Chocolate fountains are great and very few things can beat it at a party. One thing that can, though, is homemade beer. Impress the shit out of your friends and family with "Steve's Micro Brew" from the far-away lands of Steve's basement and featuring Steve's special sauce.

Home Beer Brewing System

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Home Beer Brewing System


Home beer brewing system handbuilt by Synergy Brewing SystemsHome beer brewing system handbuilt by Synergy Brewing SystemsThanks for taking the time to check out our custom brewing systems. We specialize in building the finest hand crafted brewing systems for hobbyists and professionals alike. You can visit our website at: to learn more about us, the products and services we provide as well as custom design your own brewing system to your specs.Our Etsy special auction of the month is for one of our fully equipped 15 gallon home brewing systems. All brewing stands, kettles and components are made completely out of brushed finished stainless steel that is TIG welded to perfection in house by us, in Eugene, Oregon. Listed below are more features and specs. Enjoy & Cheers!All brewing systems feature professional grade 1" sanitary fittings and sanitary ball valves.This means that there are no threads to worry about and no bottle neck points in the system to get clogged.