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the problem:

I forgot to pack my $500 Armani sweatpants and left them in the hotel room.

the solution:

You've lost over $10,000 worth of items by forgetting them in hotels and you're starting to think maybe the affair isn't worth it anymore. We're here to stop you from thinking such silly thoughts. Never unpack again with this luggage. Hang it up and it unfolds with all your stuff neatly inside. Also makes for a fast getaway if need be.

Carry-on Closet

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Carry-on Closet


This is the rolling carry-on bag that eliminates the need to unpack. Hanging open in a closet and supporting up to 35 lbs., it uses an internal pocket system to keep garments organized and easily accessible. The bag's interior includes two cantilevered shelves that deploy when the bag is hung in a closet or over a door by its integrated hook. The upper shelf provides two compartments for shirts, pants, and dresses while the lower provides one for undergarments, ties, and socks. Includes two zippered pouches--a removable shoe/laundry bag and a fixed pouch for toiletries or travel documents. Suits can be stored behind the zip-out nylon lining, which forms a separate tote. The shelves secure with hoop-and-loop fasteners while the zippered pouches compress neatly for optimal fit when the bag is closed. With durable polycarbonate exterior, four 360º-swivelling wheels, and a telescoping 26" handle. Red or Black. As carry-on 14 1/2" H x 21" W x 9 1/2" D; hung 42" H x 22" W x 10" D. (8 1/2 lbs.)