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the problem:

I get the urge to climb up a slippery wall whenever I go swimming.

the solution:

You already can play pool in a pool, so why not go rock climbing at the same time also? AquaClimb can be attached to any poolside and includes handles that can be rotated 90 degrees to increase difficulty. Perfect for young children, especially under the age of 5.

AquaClimb Poolside Climbing

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AquaClimb Poolside Climbing


This aquatic climbing system presents a very unique and fun way for men and women of all ages to exercise in the pool. Imagine rock climbing followed by an exciting jump back into the pool. The climbing handles can be rotated 90 degrees in order to create several patterns of difficulty and they can also be removed and relocated to different locations on the panels. This challenging reconfiguration presents years of creative exercise and entertainment for men and women of all ages. Ideal if seeking very unique gifts for athletic individuals.
The frame is stainless steel and the fiberglass panels are powder coated to withstand UV rays and all other outdoor elements.