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the problem:

I have to carry my lunchbox separately because I fill my workbag with stolen office items everyday.

the solution:

You say, "Why don't you just put that stapler INSIDE the lunch box and the lunch box inside your bag?" And we say, "Why don't you shutup? The amount of space saved is equal to 593% in gross product dollars of stolen revenue items." The Pack-Away Lunchbox flattens for easier storage giving you more space for stolen goods.

Pack-Away Lunchbox

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Pack-Away Lunchbox


In our experience, lunch boxes compete fiercely for space in any bag we pack for the office, school, golf course or assorted daytrips. So, we devised these clever containers that deliver lunch intact (complete with cutlery) and, afterwards, squish down to half their original size. For added convenience, they come in two sizes – large and small. Another ingenious solution from Wacky Practicals.Durable – built to last; guaranteed. Washable – easy to keep clean; dishwasher safe Practical – easy to store, frees up space in any bag Stylish – bold colours make them easy to see Safe – non-toxic so no need to wrap food or snacks