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the problem:

Now that I use f.lux, my eyes don't hurt when staring at my monitor at night, but I can't see my keyboard too well.

the solution:

Mantis is a pretty sweet looking clip-on LED light that runs on batteries (30 hours). It clips on wherever to wherever you need it to and it also transforms into a light stand for when you need it by itself.

Mantis Clip On LED Light

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Mantis Clip On LED Light


Let there be light! Mantis is a versatile clip-on task lamp that brightens your workspace, with minimal interference to your surroundings.Battery-operated and portable, it’s perfect for shining a light on your keyboard, bookshelf, worktable, or any other dark spot.Plus, it kinda looks like a rocket ship. Beat that for awesome.Features: Mantis includes two parts: a lamp and a clip.