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the problem:

When I charge too many gadgets at once, the wires get all tangled and look messy.

the solution:

Brighten up your home or office with a little fake green grass. But hey, it also doubles as a charging station so it doesn't just take up space for nothing! Run your wires through the bottom and lay your iPhones on the soft surface for a neat and refreshing change.

Grass Charging Station

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Grass Charging Station


If you're a true geek, every type of portable device on the planet is probably vying for the valuable electricity at your home. Unfortunately all those gadgets make a big mess with their power adapters and cables while they suck up life-giving electrical juice. Now you can hide that charging cable disaster with scenic grass. The Grassy Lawn Charging Station provides you with realistic artificial grass to cushion your gadgets while they charge. A compartment underneath hides all of the power adapters and cables. Simply run a standard extension cable into the bottom of the base, plug in all your power adapters, then snake the charging cables up through the grass. Voila! Your gadgets will think they're on a charging vacation. Charge your gadgets and hide the unsightly cables with grass. Artificial Grass on the top, compartment for holding your cables and power adapters underneath. You provide the cables and adapters. Works with any small device with a charging cable. Measures approx. 10.5" x 5.5" x 6.5".