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Good Ol’ Fashion First World Fun

Remember back when you were just a wee little lad; when you had no responsibilities and the three things on your todo list for the day were: find worms, eat worms, and play with Steve from across the street? It’s depressing now to think about how you’ll never be as happy and carefree without using hard drugs as you were back when you were young. We now have Xboxes, PS3s, strip clubs, and Pinterest, but what about good ol’ fashion fun? The things we’d enjoy the shit out of as kids like flying kites or playing tag? Here’s a list that tries to bring those nostalgic feelings of playful joy back, first world style of course.

Laser Apptag for smartphones – $35.00

laser apptag

Play laser tags with your friends while not missing a single text.

laser app tag

Air Swimmers Remote Control Shark – $22.90

Air Swimmers Remote Control Shark

Balloons version 2.0

Air Swimmers Remote Control Shark

Khet: The Laser Game – $31.74

Khet the laser game

khet the laser game

Just like Monopoly, but with lasers!

 Airzooka Air Gun – $16.92

Airzooka Air Gun

Leave no incriminating marks when you shoot Steve in the face.

 Crossbow Snowball Launcher – $39.99

Crossbow Snowball Launcher

Warmer hands, greater velocity.

 iPhone/iPad Controlled Missile Launcher – $98.00

iphone controlled missile launcher

Launch an attack from miles away.

Hovercraft – $14.12


No more's real!

Tri-Blade Wolverine Claws – $28.95

Tri Blade Wolverine Claws

No more paper claws or pencils between the fingers. It's the real thing now!

Horse Head Masks – $21.00 – $29.00

horse masks

Playing make-believe, the next level.

unicorn mask

I'm a unicorn!!!

Programmable Tattoo System – $149.99

programmable tattoo system

You and your gang can now get tattoos that don't come out of a plastic ball!

Daft Punk Replica Helmet – $1400.00

Daft punk helmet

Convince your mom you really are a robot alien that creates wicked dance music.

World’s Most Powerful Laser – $299.95

wicked lasers

This is the closest you'll get to becoming a Jedi.

Wicked lasers

5k Zombie Obstacle Course – $80.00

Zombie Run

A more exciting version of Tag.

iCade iPad Arcade Cabinet – $69.99


No more stealing quarters to go to the arcade.

Custom Treehouse – $24,000 – $185,000

Custom treehouse

Custom Treehouse

Tell scary stories. No girls allowed!

Tron Light Cycle – $55,000

tron light cycle

Wished you lived in a video game? Now you don't have to.

The Jetlev – $99,500

Jetlev flyer

You never really learned how to swim, but that's okay now that you have this.

Radio Controlled Flying Super Hero – $345.00

radio controlled flying superhero

Butterfly in the sky, I can fly twice as high...

What childhood toys or games that have been modernized can you add? Leave a comment!

Anything to add? Leave a comment or send us a mail!

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