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the problem:

I ate a huge dinner and now I'm too sleepy to walk my dog.

the solution:

See, what you do is get one of these Fit Fur Life Treadmills, put it in front of your 90inch LCD TV, turn on the nature channel, put your dog on the treadmill, and crank it up to a nice jogging pace. Your pet won't know the difference and will have the time of its life while you lay down and become one with the sofa.

Pet Treadmill

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Pet Treadmill


Fit Fur Life Treadmills have been developed in consultation with veterinarians worldwide. In addition to the incline, which benefits in the rehabilitation of hip, hock and spinal injuries, the Fit Fur Life is the only treadmill to also offer a decline feature. The 5% decline aids in the rehabilitation of shoulder, elbow and carpal problems.