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the problem:

My balls itch, but I'm in a 2 hour meeting.

the solution:

Maybe this is one area where it's better to be in the 3rd world, where guys probably scratch their itchy balls whenever they freakin' like. Living in an uptight first world mean we must scratch our balls with this silver plated ballscratcher which I would have mistaken for a spoon if it didn't say "Ballscratcher" on the box. Scratch balls discretely, yours or another's, with this.

Gentleman’s Ballscratcher

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Gentleman’s Ballscratcher


The ultimate dilemma for any gentleman now has its solution. For those potentially embarrassing itchy moments, you can now scratch in sophistication without compromising your integrity as a gentleman. This high quality, silver coloured device comes in a charming presentation box with the phrase 'For the busy male executive' on the outside of the box and 'Gentlemen's Ballscratcher' on the inside.A perfect gift for any gentleman.