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the problem:

I can't decide between making apple pie or lemon meringue pie.

the solution:

After finding this site, you are a professional first world liver. What you want, you get. And if that want is two pies, then doggone it, you gonna get it. This pan has a split in the middle so you can make two different pies at once. What more can I say? Get it now!

Split Decision Pie Pan

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Split Decision Pie Pan


Chicago Metallic is the preferred choice by bakers who understand quality, design and durability. Chicago metallic never disappoints: non-stick, easy release with every recipe, effortless clean-up and consistency that defines a new meaning to perfection every time. Specialty bakeware. Where design and innovative meet with Chicago Metallic. These pans offer more personality to the kitchen, fully equipping your inner-baker to get more creative. Whether its turning out bite-sized pre-sliced brownies or savory lasagnas for dinner, Chicago Metallic continues to work in your kitchen. The Chicago Metallic non-stick split decision pie pan features heavy duty construction. There have never been so many options to baking a pie. This pan includes 2 inserts for creating either a traditional full size pie or 2 halves. Bake 2 halves at once to add variety to your dessert selection or make one savory and one sweet pie. The lift and serve feature enables easy removal without wrecking the crust. Each Chicago Metallic pan is designed with a non-stick, easy release for ease in baking and cleaning. This split decision pie pan measures 9-inch diameter by 1-1/4-inch. All Chicago Metallic pans are dishwasher safe and come with a 25-year warranty.