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the problem:

I left the syrup on the pancakes for too long and now they're all soggy.

the solution:

There are very few things in the world more disgusting than soggy pancakes. The stuff they eat on Fear Factor, for one. The pancake plate solves this first world problem. It's elevated on one side so the syrup drips into a reservoir keeping your pancake nice and dry. May we suggest Bacon Syrup to go with that?

Pancake Plate

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Pancake Plate


Batter Up

In his quest to create the perfect plate for devouring pancakes, designer Jon Wye broke down the elements of what makes a pillowy stack so comforting. After a lifelong love affair with breakfast, Wye pin-pointed the crux of satisfaction: syrup. Designed with a raised edge that gently slopes the plate toward the diner and an ingenious reservoir for pooling loose syrup, this plate was made for slicing, dipping and delighting in each bite of pancake goodness. But the best part? This plate enhances any saucy dish down to the last drop. Made in California.Sold as a set of 2 plates.