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the problem:

My laziness overpowers my craving for bacon.

the solution:

We've all had those midnight bacon cravings but were too lazy to satiate it. Eating bacon raw just doesn't have the same gusto. Microwaving bacon at the office leaves them too oily for when you stuff them in your pocket for later. Do you also have all these problems? The lifesaving Microwave Bacon Cooker cooks 10 strips at a time and lets the fat drip down as it cooks.

Microwave Bacon Cooker

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Microwave Bacon Cooker


Bacon is excellent with Sunday brunch fixings or on a turkey club sandwich, but many don’t cook it often at home because of the high fat content and the mess. The PowerCrisp just may change all that by providing a leaner and cleaner way to make bacon. This microwave bacon cooker cooks bacon either to a crisp or a soft consistency, depending on how much cooking time it’s given it in the microwave. It has a pair of tent-shaped plastic racks that are easy to load by simply draping strips of bacon over them. The racks rest within a 2-inch-deep tray, which collects all the fat drippings as bacon cooks so the meat is not sitting in its own grease as with stovetop frying. And, as opposed to pan-frying, there is no splatter involved when cooking bacon in the microwave. Simply place a paper towel over the racks and it captures any grease and keeps microwave walls clean. The wraparound handle makes it easy to remove the PowerCrisp from a microwave turntable and dispose of hot drippings without burning hands. Slotted tops on the two plastic racks allow you to slide a knife through the racks to remove cooked bacon. The PowerCrisp cooks up to 10 strips of bacon at a time and both racks and the bottom tray are completely dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Presto covers this microwave bacon cooker under a two-year limited warranty.