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the problem:

I was eating chocolate cake while making spaghetti and totally forgot it was boiling and now have water all over the stove.

the solution:

Next time stick this thing onto the top of your pot, turn the fire on high, go watch a movie and come back to a spill-free stove-top thanks to Kuhn Rikon's Large Spill Stop Lid. It comes in three different colors and we think it'll look pretty cool as a hat too.

Large Spill Stop Lid

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Large Spill Stop Lid


Invented in Germany, this lid will change the way cooks boil. Overboiling while cooking is a problem everyone has, and with this ingenious silicone tool it won’t happen any more.Just place the lid on any pan with a diameter of 6" to 10" with flower facing up. Lid is heat resistant to 400°F. Limited lifetime warranty covers product repair or replacement only. 12" diam. Dishwasher and microwave safe.