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the problem:

I have a master key, password,  record, why don't I have a master tool in the kitchen?

the solution:

Behold, from the same country that brought you the master tool Swiss army knife and Swatch, is this master opener. Smite down any pesky objects impeding you from its inner deliciousness. This multi-tool can open: cans,  flip tops, screw tops, pull tabs, and can break the vacuum seal of screw jar tops.

Kuhn Rikon Master Opener

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Kuhn Rikon Master Opener


The Swiss are famous for packing multiple tools into a single package. The Kuhn Rikon Safety LidLifter Master Opener has all the features of the Kuhn Rikon Safety LidLifter can openers. The can opener is made of 18/8 stainless steel with a polished finish and the turn knob is comfortable to hold and turns easily. It cuts from the side leaving the rim smooth, not sharp or jagged. Plus it makes quick work of opening bottles and cans with pull and pop tabs, threaded caps, and flip tops.