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the problem:

The shape of my fried egg was smaller than my sandwich. I had to endure few bites that was only bread like some carnival orphan.

the solution:

Make every bite full of free-range organic farmers market eggy deliciousness with Joie's Sandwich Egg Shaper. It's made of heat resistant silicone so you can just pop it on the pan, crack an egg, and bam, perfectly shaped egg for your sammich.

Joie Sandwich Egg Shaper

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Joie Sandwich Egg Shaper


  • Fun and functional egg form
  • Made of silicone; heat resistant up to 536-Degree Fahrenheit
  • Creates toast-shaped eggs - perfect for egg sandwiches
  • Making the kitchen fun for all ages
The super fun toast top egg shaper makes toast-shaped eggs, perfect for egg sandwiches. Made of heat-resistant silicone, shaper is safe to use in temperatures up to 536-Degree Fahrenheit. By joie - fun for all ages.