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the problem:

I got too drunk because I didn't have a wine glass and used a pitcher instead.

the solution:

This fun glass is printed with measurements for various alcoholic drinks. Want beer? Just fill it up to one of the marks for "beer" and remind yourself not to get so drunk you make out with your pet hamster.

Alcohol By Volume Glass

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Alcohol By Volume Glass


The problem with most regular glasses is that you don't have much of a clue how much they hold. Sure, you could know it's a 16 ounce glass, but that's only when it's full. And how full is full? What if you want 8 ounces? If the glass is tapered in any way, you can't just fill it halfway up for 8 ounces. It's a OCD headache!But this isn't your ordinary pint glass! It's printed with measurements for various alcoholic drinks so you can accurately measure servings of beer, wine, or spirits. It shows the average percentage of alcohol by volume for each type of beverage, too. Use it to mix drinks or just to keep tabs on the amount of ethanol in your body. Remember to drink responsibly - we like having you chuckleheads around.