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the problem:

I forgot to pay my satellite TV bill and now I'm stuck with only 30 channels.

the solution:

Never forget another payment to the companies that own our lives while classing it up at the same time with this handmade Wine Cork Bulletin Board. Pin up important documents, letters, bills, lists, keys, etc, while showing family and friends you know a lot about wine (you don't).

Wine Cork Bulletin Board

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Wine Cork Bulletin Board


This long and skinny board, another thrift store rescue, is the perfect addition to any area that needs some organization. It used to be pink, and it had some hooks in it. I am still puzzled about its original function. Now that it has a few coats of bright red paint and a great collection of corks in it, we can all be more clear as to its purpose. You can use this handy message board as an information center to tack on important reminders, shopping lists, phone numbers, bills to pay, etc. It will look particularly well above your desk, as a place to keep all those pieces of paper that always seem to float around.