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the problem:

I've been watching reruns of Pimp My Ride and now want something inside the same larger thing.

the solution:

How about a tiny house inside your house? The guys at Tumbleweed Tiny House Company sell ready made, kits, or plans of houses small enough that you don't need a permit to build. Use it as your bedroom or mancave or secret hideout in the woods where you kidnap and murder people or whatever.

Tiny Houses

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Tiny Houses


Undue expense and red tape have been cut to keep the Box Bungalows user friendly and affordable. Most municipalities mandate that a permit is not required to put a building of less than 120 square feet on your property. You can purchase plans to build it yourself, order a kit, or buy it ready made and delivered to your site. The interior is left up to your imagination. Finish it is a guest bedroom, office, artist studio, or cabin.


With wheels, traditional proportioning and archetypal form, these little structures are designed to be portable and can, essentially, be sited anywhere you can park a travel trailer.* They range from about 50 to 130 sq ft. Purchase yours ready-made or buy the plans to build it yourself.