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the problem:

I need to shower but I'm drinking beer. And I can't drink beer in the shower, so I'm not going to shower.

the solution:

It's 2012, we should be allowed to drink and shower at the same time!!! VOTE RON PAUL!!! Oh wait, you can? The Tub Mug lets you drink your beverage of choice while washing your sweaty armpits. Then you can go brag to your friends about what you just did, you wild man.

The Tub Mug

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The Tub Mug


While in training for a marathon, I would get home from a long run and want two things, a shower, and some ice water. Sometimes I'd be running late for work and have to combine the two. This is when I noticed that there was nowhere convenient to put the cup. It was either balanced on the shower bar or kept down low, where soap could get in. It was clear that something needed to be done! And that something is the Tub Mug.