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the problem:

One side of my body gets more water pressure than the other side so only half of my body feels clean when I get out of the shower.

the solution:

This tentacle-resembling shower head from Vado looks intimidating but enticing at the same time. What to do, what to do... with all SIX snaking shower heads? Perhaps one for each limb and the last one for the head. Or you can shower with five other people.

Tentacle Shower Head

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Tentacle Shower Head


Vado Sculpture adjustable shower head wall or ceiling mounted SCU-HEAD 1.0 bar MP Vado products range from traditional mixers to contemporary designs that lead the latest fashion trends of interior design. With over 20 years experience in the bathroom industry Vado has built a proud reputation in exceeding expectation and consistently providing the market with innovation, exceptional quality and diversity 12 Year Warranty Included. PRICE INCLUDES VAT AND DELIVERY TO MOST UK POSTCODES.