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the problem:

There's no more clean cups so I have to drink water with my hands like some Victorian beggar.

the solution:

Get rid of that nasty cup you use to rinse out your mouth after brushing. It sits in the bathroom all day collecting microscopic doo doo particles. But, have a little more respect for yourself and don't take water from your hand like some uneducated monster. Tapi fits onto any tap. Squeeze the bottom and it becomes a fountain.

Tapi Drinking Fountain

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Tapi Drinking Fountain


Hygienically drink or rinse your mouth straight from your tap, without worrying about dirty hands or cups. Tapi fits onto almost any tap with a straight spout. Water-safe rubber will never affect or change the taste of your water. Create a fun and convenient drink fountain from your tap by simply squeezing your Tapi.