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the problem:

The ice melts too fast when I drink whiskey on the rocks, leaving me with watery whiskey.

the solution:

You're already better than your friends because you drink whiskey and they drink Mike's Hard Lemonade. Now drink whiskey like a boss in front of them with this special glass. It's shaped to let the ball of ice (mold included) roll around the glass, chilling your drink faster with slower melting ice.

Roller Rock Glass

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Roller Rock Glass


The age old dilema: the cool and refreshing taste of liquor on the rocks, or the full flavor of a neat glass (no ice). Now you can savour the cool and smooth taste of drinking whiskey on the rocks without the normal dilution with our ice ball whiskey glass. Simply fill the included food-safe ice ball mold with water, freeze, and let the shaped whiskey glass guide the ice ball around the bottom of the glass, chilling and unlocking the aromatics of your drink as it rolls around the glass. Due to the unique shape of the ice ball, the ice melts slower and cools your drink faster, giving you the perfect whiskey on the rocks experience. Rocks Glass measures 4” tall and 3.5” in diameter and includes one ice mold that makes 2” ice balls.