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the problem:

My friends think I'm uncultured because I don't have artwork hanging in my house.

the solution:

Slap your friends in the face by getting one of these super cool personalized waveform art pieces. Send them a sound file and they'll take the waveform to create a unique design printed on a high quality canvas. Now your friends will be in awe of the giant "PENIS" on the wall.

Resonant Personalized Artwork

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Resonant Personalized Artwork


Resonant Decor - An elegant display of the sounds around you.Listen to the world around you and you will hear music, children, animals, heartbeats, laughter, and more filling every empty space with sound. Each creating a unique sound wave that ripples through the air until it meets an attentive ear. Fuse this waveform with the richness of color and a one-of-a-kind Resonant Decor brilliantly emerges.Why “Resonant” Decor? Because it has the capacity to “resonate” with the imagery, emotions, and memories a specific sound brings to mind. Your personal Decor canvas visually explores a favorite song, expresses your vocalized emotions, celebrates the beginning of new life, enshrines your favorite speech, and more.