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the problem:

So what if I like to keep all my mason jars? One day you're gonna be like, "Shit I need a mason jar, but I threw them all out. My friend Steve has tons, I'll call him." So stop calling me weird.

the solution:

You've turned half your jars to portable travel mugs, now turn the other half into useful soap dispensers. Save money and put all those jars to good use. Or even use them as candles. Take that you jar haters!

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

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Mason Jar Soap Dispenser


Do you have an old mason jar you'd like to put to good use?Why not transform it into your favorite mason jar soap dispenser?Hand built on Post Road. The reproduction zinc lid includes the highest quality stainless steel soap pump, as well as a plastic liner. It will fit any 'regular mouth' canning jar.Perfect for your farmhouse bathroom or kitchen!Tall enough to fit a 9 1/2" jar, or trim to whatever size you need.