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the problem:

I'm laying down on the couch and can't reach the shrimp cocktail so I have to sit up.

the solution:

With the Sofa Hanger and this Magnussen Wood Lift Top Table, you'll probably never have to move from the couch again. The top lifts up and comes to you instead of you having to bend across to reach something. Almost like having a robot servant table!

Lifting Cocktail Table

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Lifting Cocktail Table


Magnussen has a passion for details. It stems from how they run their company, grows into the conveniences they design into the furniture, and blooms into the relationships they build with their valued dealers. They design every piece of furniture that carries the Magnussen Home name and understand that finishing touches like intricately carved woodwork or ironwork do more than complete the look of a piece of furniture; they set the tone of your home. Their furniture does more than fill a home. It expresses who you are.An unwavering commitment to ensuring your satisfaction is their most important difference.