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the problem:

So apparently green rug and brown walls with movie posters taped up with scotch tape makes people puke as they enter my home.

the solution:

You've made a huge mistake so next time just go with a prefabricated and furnished home by Ideabox and IKEA. Doesn't everyone think everything in IKEA would look good in their own home anyways? Might as well just have them furnish it.


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Introducing aktiv, the first in a new line of houses designed byideabox and appointed by IKEA. Swedish inspired, wide open living, functional, no wasted space, and full of personality! It’s a house designed to live in… with all the fun. function, and practicality found in every ideabox!

Working with IKEA Portland designers, we designed aktiv around IKEA systems. In the kitchen, IKEA offers a lot of flexibility in kitchen cabinets. We designed the layout, and our clients can select the colors. IKEA appliances offer state-of-the-art cooking, so we included an induction cooktop and convection oven. A counter depth refrigerator keeps food fresh, and cabinet faced dishwashers provide seamless functionality. Proven by millions walking on them in IKEA stores, aktiv offers IKEA flooring, a perfect match for active Northwest lifestyles.

For those of us IKEA fans, the pure delight of walking and imagining our way through an IKEA store quickly turns to the daunting task of assembly when we get home. Not a worry… When your ideabox aktivarrives, all of the cabinets, countertops, and flooring are installed… it’s like the best of everything!

So we thought, why not IKEA in the bath and bedrooms too! The bath features a “huge” two sink vanity and four drawers along with a storage cabinet. The bedroom features the amazingly functional IKEA built-in series of closet systems… assembled & installed, just awaiting your stuff!

Think of it as your own personal euro designer flat… only where you want it! Every bit an ideabox, from the energy efficiency to the cool assembly of materials, aktiv by ideabox truly is modern living made remarkably easy!