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the problem:

The coffee was too hot and I burned my tongue. Now I can't eat or drink anything warm without excruciating pain.

the solution:

We've all had this happen before. Sipping scalding hot lava coffee and having the fires of hell blast down on your tongue and roof of your mouth. It's surprising that a temperature checking apparatus is not built in with every mug, we're living in the first world for god's sake!

Heat Sensitive Mug

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Heat Sensitive Mug


Fred & Friends Tank Up is a Coffee Mug Packaged individually in an attractive gift box. The unique feature is a printed heat sensitive guage which is designed to resemble an automobile gas guage. As hot liquid is pored into the mug the guage turns red and gradually rises from the bottom to indicate how hot the liquid is. The guage itself is the entertaining aspect of the product.
  • Lovely white porcelain coffee mug
  • Small design addition is a small halo over the mug handle
  • The appearance of the design at the bottom of the mug is outstanding
  • Attractive gift box
  • Image disappears after washing.