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the problem:

I spent the whole day stressing about if I've left a candle burning at home.

the solution:

Instead of calling your neighbor Steve, who secretly goes through your underwear, to go check for you, just get this water candle kit. Fill any vase with water and decorate it however you like. Add a layer of cooking oil, float the wick on top and voila, you have a nice candle that will be put out if tipped over.

H2O Instant Water Candle Kit

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H2O Instant Water Candle Kit


Simply elegant density experiment.

Candles have been used for hundreds of years to spread light where there was dark, not just because no one had invented electricity yet, but because they were so beautiful. And ever since about 10 minutes after the first candle was created, the first candle-lit romantic mood was created. But regular candles are boring. Time to play with some liquid density and cooking ingredients (also romantic) and put an H2O Instant Water Candle Kit or few to good use.Ok, so first you get a jar or vase or something (something glass with a wide mouth). Fill it 3/4 full of water, and mix in some coloring for . . . well, color. Drop in any other crap you want in the jar for to make it more beautiful. Add a centimeter layer of cooking oil on top of that water, and gently float a wick (which you already inserted into a floater) on the water. Then light it. It will burn off the cooking oil (since said oil will be floating on top of the water), and look gorgeous. By using some H2O Instant Water Candle Kits, you will have unique candles that won't drip wax all over the place. Oh, and, if the candle gets knocked over by accident, the water will extinguish the flames. H2O Instant Water Candle Kit - a simple, science-y, exquisite way to add some beauty to your world.