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the problem:

My life is so exciting I wish someone like Morgan Freeman could narrate it.

the solution:

We can't get Morgan Freeman, but we'll do you one better: Stephen Fry. And he'll just be waking you up but it's better than nothing! Instead of waking up to screeching and buzzing, wake up gently to Fry's soothing English voice. It comes with 130 different sayings AND one to put you to sleep.

Good Morning Sir Alarm Clock

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Good Morning Sir Alarm Clock


It appears to be morning. Frightfully inconvenient, I know, Sir.

How you begin your day can dictate the pace of the remainder of the day. If, for example, you wake to a ear-shattering buzzing, your whole body will tense. Your teeth will grind, and you'll be more likely to bite the heads off of your coworkers than treat them well. Your impatience with the day could continue, leading to simple mistakes, and your overreaction to criticism of your errors could very well end in violence, tears, and inevitably, a visit with the local magistrate.Luckily, we've discovered a delightfully new way to become awake and alert without the unpleasantness of artificial electronic buzzing. Stephen Fry, the wonderfully dry and proper Englishman, reprising his role as "Jeeves," a gentleman's gentleman. Do not call him a butler, though he can, of course, buttle with the best of them.Every morning, Jeeves awakens Sir or Madam with a most smooth and comforting way, His dulcet voice soothes Sir or Madam into gentle wakefulness without the unpleasant slap in the face that is normal alarm-clock operation. The heavy wood and the roman numerals on the timepiece's face lend a old world gothic flavor to the clock.Here are some examples of Jeeve's warm voice as he announces the breaking of the dawn, and the urgency of your need for wakefulness. In fact, there are around 130 or so sounds all built into this clock, including a 90 second restful call for sleep so you may end your day in as wondrous a manner as you've begun it.Thank you, Sir.