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the problem:

I have no more room in my fridge for bottles and/or they keep rolling around. How am I suppose to be as cool as Mr. Chi City with this travesty?

the solution:

The Fridge Monkey is a very simple solution to a great problem. The picture is self explanatory as to how it works. Things we think can be stacked on the monkey: breadsticks, churros, freeze-pops, those old school plastic kool-aid bottles.

Fridge Monkey

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Fridge Monkey


Fridge Monkey - Bottle and Can Stacker The Fridge Monkey is a flexible rubber mat designed to maximise storage space and stop bottles or cans rolling around in your fridge. Inspired by the mythical brass monkey reputedly used on ships to stack canon balls neatly and safely, the Fridge Monkey is a clever little design that can be used with almost any bottled or canned drinks.