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the problem:

It's a quiet Friday night and I'm home alone with only a vacuum. I want to use it, but it doesn't suck hard enough to do anything.

the solution:

It's time to upgrade to the newest and baddest, buddy. Dyson's brand new DC41 Animal Vacuum will suck the crap out of anything it touches. Its ball technology allows easy movement and turning for wherever you and your vacuum want to go to be alone.

Dyson Animal Vacuum

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Dyson Animal Vacuum


Dyson DC41 Animal is engineered for outstanding cleaning performance and ease of use. It has the strongest suction at the cleaner head, which automatically self-adjusts for different carpet heights and hard floors.DC41 Animal has Dyson’s latest Radial Root Cyclone™ technology, with remodeled airflows to maximize suction power. Ball™ technology provides smoother steering and easier access to difficult places. There’s also a Mini turbine head for pet hair.