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the problem:

I loved Dr. Seuss as a kid and want to let everyone know I'm awesome.

the solution:

The first thing I thought of when someone said "Dr. Seuss art" is taxidermy. Consequently, part art and part taxidermy equals 100% awesome, and that's what you would be if you owned one of these. It costs an arm and a leg, but boy would you have a nice discussion piece if you had this hanging up over your mantle.

Dr. Suess Taxidermy

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Dr. Suess Taxidermy


In the early 1930s, Ted Geisel created what he called A Collection of Unorthodox Taxidermy, a menagerie of Seussian animals constructed from real animal beaks and horns. On the heals of that project, Seuss embarked upon a second collection, this time of sea-going creatures, that he ultimately linked to an advertising promotion in 1937 at New York’s National Motor Boat Show. This was the debut of his “Seuss Navy,” replete with an Admiral’s Membership Certificate, jigger drinking glasses, and his six re-purposed taxidermy sculptures, which he termed “Marine Muggs.”Describing Seuss’s 1937 boat show exhibit, a reporter for Yachting wrote, “From the briny depths of the imagination of the famous designer, Dr. Seuss . . . comes a collection of the weirdest denizens of the deep ever imagined in the wildest nightmare of a skipper.” The Sludge Tarpon is the first release from the collection of six Marine Mugg sculptures.