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the problem:

My wife's blamed me for losing the keys to the Land Rover when she knows I took the Hummer to work this morning.

the solution:

Never lose or mix up your keys again while taking out your aggression by figuratively shoving your keys up your significant other's...nevermind. This unique couple's key holder comes with a key for each gender that you keep in your key ring. The keys then fits into the male or female forms.

Couple Human Key Holders

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Couple Human Key Holders


You''ll never lose your keys again with these Human Key Holders mounted to the wall. These holders come in either His or Hers and with another key that''s used to attach your house keys. Simply attach your keys to the key provided, and insert the key into the male or female forms. This product was shortlisted for the 2003 Peugeot Design Awards. Buy them individually or as a couple!