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the problem:

My 1,000 thread count Egyptian bald eagle feather down pillow is so soft my entire head sinks in and gets too hot.

the solution:

Before you throw out the pillow that put America's national bird back on the endangered species list, try adding a Chillow to it. It fits any regular sized pillows and keeps your pillow cool throughout the night. You can even stick it in the fridge for added cooling intensity.

Chillow Cooling Pillow

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Chillow Cooling Pillow


  • The glove-soft outer material and unique core of the Chillow® combine with water to give you years of cool comfort while you sleep, read, or relax
  • You activate it once and you're ready to get to sleep faster and enjoy deeper, more restful REM sleep
  • Your Chillow® can relieve hot flashes, headaches, sunburns, and more. No noisy fan or over-cooling AC can do as much for a good night's sleep
  • The Chillow® is a noiseless, low-cost cooling alternative that is environmentally friendly ? non-electric and non-toxic
  • It fits standard pillows and while it needs no refrigeration it can be refrigerated briefly for more intense cooling power