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the problem:

My mom blames the electricity bill increase on my second iPad and PS Vita.

the solution:

Did you know that leaving electronic devices plugged in, but not in use, still draws power? Belkin's Conserve Socket solves this problem by allowing you to set a timer that automatically shuts off the power to save energy. It's also great for things like curling irons and heaters so you'll never have to worry about leaving them on.

Belkin Energy Saving Socket

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Belkin Energy Saving Socket


Save energy and reduce utility costs with the Belkin F7C009 Conserve Socket Energy Saving Outlet. Because a device left plugged in but not in use can still draw power and affect your home's overall energy usage, the Conserve Socket lets you decide when to turn off power to your devices. It automatically shuts off power after the time interval you select, helping you to use energy more wisely. 

Save Energy with Timed Power

At any one time in a typical American household, there could be up to 40 devices drawing constant power. This can average up to $100 year in additional energy costs. To address this problem, the Conserve Socket works like an egg timer for your energy consumption; it shuts off power to your device when the timer expires.

Make Your Home Safer

For a safer, more energy-efficient home, use the Conserve Socket with devices like curling irons, space heaters, lamps, and more.

Three Timer Settings for Easy, Customizable Operation

The Conserve Socket has a timer selection switch with three timer settings--30 minutes, three hours, or six hours--as well as an automatic shut-off to reduce wasted power. It starts with a simple push button, and a green LED illuminates when the socket is active.

Versatile Design

Standard U.S. three-pin power outlet compliant, the Conserve Socket does not obstruct the lower outlet of a standard U.S. power outlet when plugged into the top outlet.The Conserve Socket Energy Saving Outlet is backed by a one-year limited warranty.

About Belkin's Conserve Products

Belkin Conserve products can help you to do your part by making it easier to reduce your energy consumption.

What's in the Box

F7C009 Conserve Socket Power Timer and user's guide [PDF].