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the problem:

I drank too much juice before bed and had to wake up in the middle of the night to go potty.

the solution:

Okay, before you think I'm totally insane, hear me out first. Do you enjoy getting up at 3:00 AM to pee? No? Wouldn't you rather just pee in the bed? Yes? Then I present to you the bedside urinal system. Logic and First World Living prevails once again.

Bedside Urinal System

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Bedside Urinal System


With the Advantage Urinal System's patented design, urine rapidly drains from urinal, through the tube, into a 2-liter collection bag, leaving the urinal empty and ready for the next use. This allows the individual to have access to an empty urinal throughout the night without ever having to get out of bed, when traveling, or throughout the day. This greatly reduces falls, caregiver workload, odor, spills, briefs and catheter use. This product saves time and money while promoting dignity and independence. This model includes Comfort Fit. 
  • Always empty and ready for next use with Med-Assist's patented design
  • Urine rapidly drains from urinal to 2-liter collection bag with one-way valve
  • Reduces falls, caregiver workload, odor, briefs used & need for catheter use.
  • Comfort fit
  • Re-useable. Helps user maintain independance and dignity