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the problem:

I can drink beer whilst taking a shower with the Tub Mug, but what about when I take a bath?

the solution:

Is a relaxing chai scented bubbly bubble bath not exciting enough for you? Feel the need to be eating a grilled cheese sandwich and sip on some wine while laying in 100 gallons of warm soothing water? Then check out Umbra's Bathtub Caddy, a foldable unit with areas for a book/Kindle/iPad and drinks.

Bathtub Caddy

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Bathtub Caddy


Relax and bathe in style and comfort with the Aquala bathtub caddy from Umbra. Made of naturally renewable bamboo, a material that does not split or mold, this caddy comes fitted with soap holder, book support, and a wine glass holder for a long and leisurely soak in the tub. Featuring a clever insertion slot and overlapping sides, the wine glass holder keeps the base of a glass securely in place even if the caddy gets bumped or jostled. The book support folds down and away when not in use, making the caddy easy to store. Expandable to fit larger tubs, the unit measures 28 by 8-1/2 by 1-1/2 inches with chrome arms that slide out to 40 inches.