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the problem:

The fluorescent lights didn't set the right mood when my sexy date came back to my place.

the solution:

If the 15,999,999 color ambiance lamp didn't have enough colors for you, you're in luck because we just found one with 16,000,000 colors! A color for any occasion or a spontaneous dance party while you pretend you're a light DJ using its remote control. It can even cycle through colors for a cool light show.

16 Million Color LED Lamp

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16 Million Color LED Lamp


Introducing a new world of color into your home, the Equinox Mood Light lets you shower your living space with your choice of 16 million colors. Using 7 long-life LEDs, the Equinox is operated by a wireless remote control, allowing you to create the perfect relaxing atmosphere at the touch of a button. The exterior was design by Zhang Xun who is the winner of Germany Red-dot concept design award. The Equinox Mood Light is encased in a glass orb with an attractive housing for the LEDs that help it match with any contemporary setting. The long-life LEDs ensure you will get 50,000 hours worth of enjoyment, making your home a little haven away from the busy world outside. Simply use the intuitive remote control to cycle through the 16 million color options. Have one continuous color lighting your home with a choice of brightness and saturation, or choose a slow cycle of the whole color spectrum for a unique, calming light show. Compare with Philips Living Colors and other brands and you will be an instant convert - Satisfaction Guaranteed, backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • Solid color and color wash effects, Dimmable
  • Brightness and color saturation can be chosen
  • Cycle through 16 million colours with a touch sensitive remote control
  • Easy to use Wireless remote control with 100 ft range.
  • 8 inch Lamp with 7 long-life LEDs, Low Voltage/ Low Energy, 50,000 hour lamp life