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the problem:

I forgot which level I parked on and spent 30 minutes walking around looking for my car.

the solution:

Was it level 3? Or 4? I think it was the one with the pink signs. Never have to deal with forgotten parking spots or backtracking again with this super easy to use Bushnell GPS BackTrack Personal Locator. It only has 2 buttons, one for marking a location, and the other to select and display the direction and distance back.

Personal GPS Locator

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Personal GPS Locator


There's nothing quite as refreshing as a good hike or snowshoe trip, but there's nothing quite as terrifying as getting lost on the trail. Enter the Bushnell GPS BackTrack personal locator, which gets you back to your car or home base safely and easily. The BackTrack is a breeze to use, with an intuitive two-button design that employs GPS technology in its most basic format. All you have to do is mark the location of your car, campsite, or anything else (the BackTrack stores up to three locations) and then forget it until it's time to return. At the end of the day, just select the stored location and the BackTrack will display the direction and distance to travel until you return. You can use it to locate a treestand or trailhead, to find your car in a crowded parking lot, even to rendezvous with a group. Plus, it's extremely compact, so you can stow it conveniently in your pocket, pack, or purse.