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the problem:

A homeless man heard my pockets jingling after I told him I didn't have change. It was my keys.

the solution:

We live in a modern world. There's no reason we should be keeping keys that access our expensive belongings on a flimsy metal rings that was probably invented 5,000 years ago. The Keyport consolidates up to 6 keys in a modern & sleek design. It even comes with a USB, LED, and bottle opener.

Keyport Modern Keychain

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Keyport Modern Keychain


Keyport Slide // For the Modern Lifestyle. Consolidate up to Six Keys, USB Flash Drive, Bottle Opener, & LED Flashlight into one streamlined device so small it fits in your 5th pocket. Choose Your Six & Get Ported!  Keyport has designed proprietary keys called Blades, which take the place of your current keys and fit securely in the Keyport. Keyport Blades have the same shank and bitting of a traditional key, but feature a universal head that is much smaller and lighter than that of a traditional key.  Keyport is compatible with the vast majority of the world's keys including high-security keys like Abloy, Medeco, Multi-Lock, and Assa. Keyport is also compatible with transponder-chipped auto and motorcycle keys. In fact, most transponder-chipped American cars and some foreign cars have On-Board Programmable (OBP) chips. This means you will be able to program the chip yourself with a basic set of instructions we provide you. Find out if your auto key is chipped and OBP with our Auto Key Checker.