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the problem:

The Camping Card was a huge hit with my friends when we camped in my backyard. Now I need a more heavy duty set for public park camping.

the solution:

Show you friends you mean business with this Everyday Carry Multi-Tool Kit. These small multiuse tools attaches to your keychain so they are always with you. Each tool is super durable and it comes with a pry bar, screwdriver key, waterproof lighter, and tweezers.

EDC Multi-Tool Kit

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EDC Multi-Tool Kit


This pocket-sized kit turns your keychain into a productive tool for tackling common tasks. There’s no ribbed hunting knife for when things get really real, but there’s a 2-inch pry bar that the U.S. Military found handy enough to specially request for outfitting their soldiers.


Each of these tools can be attached to your keychain. Part of their utility means that they require little or no maintenance, and they are useful in any number of situations.All tools attach to the titanium key ring. For full product information on individual tools, see the pages for the waterproof lighterpry barscrewdriver keys and precision tweezers.