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the problem:

My iPhone is about 100x better than my nav system, but there's no room for both of them.

the solution:

We've all tried those pesky FM transmitters or AUX cables and charging docks that leave your console a tangled mess. Get rid of it all with this device that's been a long time coming. Dash fits into the stereo console and provides charging, radio, smartphone capabilities, interchangeable faceplates, and much more.

Dash Smart Phone Car Stereo

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Dash Smart Phone Car Stereo


We want to give your smartphone the attention it deserves. When you connect your iPhone 4/4S to Dash it begins charging and gives you access to all of your phones abilities.   Dash, patent pending, is the convergence of the car stereo and your smartphone. Today’s smartphones provide a level of connectivity, accessibility, and usability that has not been possible in the car audio market. Dash doesn’t require that you learn a new interface to use your stereo. You already know how to use your phone to access your music, your navigation app, your phone calls, and the incredible number of other apps in your phone’s marketplace. While phones are very personal devices, people get new ones every few years. You may remain loyal to the same brand or move to a new company. No matter how frequently you update phones, Dash will be there ready to support you. Our innovative interchangeable faceplate design allows you to keep your phone at the center of your car.  Dash’s unique approach allows you to have the functionality of a several thousand dollar DVD navigation unit sans the headaches of the learning curve, the lack of apps, and internet connectivity.