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the problem:

Biotechnology isn't advanced enough for me to realistically hope for a zombie outbreak.

the solution:

Let's face it, everyone deep down wishes there was a zombie outbreak. Maybe just a tiny one so you can get to smash zombie co-worker Steve and be office hero. If you fantasize about this at least once a day and live in the UK, check out the Zombie Manor House. Play out your objectives in a zombie infested mansion!

Zombie Manor House

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Zombie Manor House


You’ve heard of Downton Abbey? Well get ready for Downton scabby! Boom! Oh yeah! That’s what I’m talking about. You like that pun? Get ready, because we’re barely on the launch pad sister.Manor houses tend to be the domain of divorced weekend dads desperate to win over the love of their ambiguous offspring in a craven attempt to get one over on the woman they used to love. But no more. How about a manor house crammed to the bladder with angry, vitriolic zombies?Something has gone very wrong in deepest, darkest Cheshire. And I’m not talking about Hollyoaks. A top secret government facility, housed in a spooky, abandoned manor house where they did weird experiments and stuff has suddenly dropped off the radar. The scientists have vanished and there have been reports of shuffling and groaning.It’s up to you and the rest of ‘Grey Squadron’ to take instruction and investigate. But beware, as the facility has inexplicably been over-run with the undead, more interested in devouring fresh human brains than enjoying the exquisite tapestries of the East Wing, or trying the courgette quiche in the snack bar. It is down to you and the rest of the team to batter these re-animated blaggards back into Hades.You’ll be trained in all aspects of zombie hurting by a large man who is adept at shouting. Once these techniques have been driven into your clammy little mind, you’ll be let loose in this home which will soon be less than stately. You’ll need all your skill, cunning and memories of numerous zombies films to survive and vanquish.Upstairs and downstairs you’ll trawl the fearsome, abandoned halls, not knowing what lurks behind those ornamental balustrades and praying it isn’t one of those shuffling, unpatriotic goons of Satan. Over two hours, using weapons and hand-to-hand combat you’ll battle these vile, not quite dead monsters, who frequently litter, disregard parking ordinances and rarely vote.If you hate the dead as much as I do, especially those obnoxious dead types who simply insist on coming back to life and trying to eat you, then grab a weapon, gird your loins and head to Cheshire for this spectacular zombie fighting experience in an abandoned manor house.